Vanguard Designer 83 Aluminum Case Review

Most people think that briefcases are merely good for storing documents. It has not come to mind of most consumers that there are briefcases that look small yet roomy enough to accommodate your personal files and your laptop.

The Vanguard Designer 83 Aluminum Computer Case is small yet packed with all the features that you need from a reliable briefcase. It can house a 15-inch laptop and at the same time keeps your paperwork neatly organized with the help of multiple file pockets.

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Vanguard Designer 83Aside from that, here are some key things about this particular aluminum file case:

It has removable carrying strap

You can tote this briefcase two ways. Either carry it by the handles or attach the carrying strap included in the set. You can be versatile and at the same time this allows you to be comfortable in carrying your bag however way you want it.

It has shock-absorbing interior

Since it has storing space for a laptop, Vanguard installed shock-absorbing interior in this briefcase. With that, you will never have to worry too much in case you bumped your briefcase or it fell to the floor.

It has anti-slip features

The Vanguard Designer 83 Aluminum Computer Case has anti-slip feet to prevent your briefcase from skidding in case you decide to put it down on the floor during important meetings.

Once you have decided to choose an aluminum briefcase, it also shows that you are serious about your profession and your future. Vanguard Designer 83 Aluminum case is now sold only rarely, so take advantage if you can find it in stock, and own quality attaché case.

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