STORIA – Italian Leather Messenger Bag Review

The STORIA – Italian Leather Messenger Bag is a unisex carrying bag that is both stylish and functional. Each bag is handcrafted in Italy by a team of leather crafters who are not fans of mass production. The leather team limits their production to assure anyone who purchases their messenger bag that it is of the highest and most durable quality.

The Italian Leather Messenger Bag is made of 100% tanned Tuscan leather and boasts a unique surface and aroma. The surface of the leather is not buffed to remove any wrinkles or small blemishes, leaving the leather natural.

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STORIA – Italian Leather Messenger BagThe bag features a magnetic flap for ease of access, two main compartments and two smaller interior pockets, all fully lined, just right for accessories. The back and front of the bag each has a large pocket that zips and a small vertical pocket that also zips in the front and is just right for easy access to keys, street maps or public transportation passes.

The bag also features two exterior pen pockets and a small pocket designed for accessories on the side. The messenger bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. The messenger measures 14” wide, 10” high and 4” deep and weighs in at 5 pounds.

The Good

STORIA – Italian Leather Messenger Bag 2There is everything to love about the Italian Leather Messenger Bag, according to consumers who purchased this product. The look of the bag is different from other similar size bags, and that is due mostly to the treatment of the leather. The quality of construction and the durability of the material will last for many years without degradation.

The messenger bag is roomy with generous size compartments and pockets and the right bag to carry to work or to school. The messenger bags ability to hold a laptop is among the top fan favorite for those who have to carry such an item. It eliminates the need to carry both a briefcase and a laptop bag.

The Bad

Some consumers who purchased the STORIA – Italian Leather Messenger Bag found the bag began showing signs of wear after a year or two, and considering the price, the bag should last a lot longer. The magnetic clasp in the front flap is a disappointment to some consumers who finds it sometimes does not keep the bag closed.


The STORIA – Italian Leather Messenger Bag is a highly coveted satchel for its versatility, quality and storage space. It is an eye catching bag that compliments any ensemble and does everything it is claimed to do.

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