Maxam Brand Mosaic Briefcase Review

If you are looking for the right type of briefcase that looks classy yet stylish at the same time, Maxam has the briefcase that you need. Maxam Brand Mosaic Design Genuine Leather Briefcaseis the briefcase of fashionable corporate heads. What sets the briefcase apart from other models, is the price. Believe it or not, but this briefcase is available for purchase for a low price.

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Maxan Mosaic Leather BriefcaseDesigned for the modern man, this briefcase is made of fine Italian leather. Carefully stitched and intricately designed, you will be really impressed with all the features of this case, considering its low price. The Leather Business Class briefcase boasts of the following:

Ideal size

Measuring 17” x 11” x 4 ¾”, this briefcase can accommodate your laptop together with other office essentials. This case is roomy enough so that you can bring all your things without having the need for a separate bag.

Multiple compartments

If you are very particular with the arrangement of your personal belongings inside your bag, you will find the compartments really useful. This briefcase has three compartments that provide you with the storage space that you need.

Silver detailing

The manufacturer of this briefcase added in silver tone hardware to give style to the case. Formal bags need not to be boring and the Italian Mosaic TM Genuine Leather Briefcase is a real testimony of that.

Majority of the buyers seemed to really like the briefcase based on their reviews. However, there were some concerns about quality, and statements like “you get what you pay for”. Indeed, this is definitely not the best briefcase to buy, however you can’t get many better options, if you are on a tight budget.

For a very affordable price, you will be able to get a genuine leather bag for your own. At such a low price, this bag is indeed a classic piece of investment that every corporate person needs to have.

Click here to check the Maxam Brand Mosaic Design Genuine Leather Briefcase on Amazon!

  • Looks
  • Build Quality
  • Storage


Dirt cheap briefcase. Good choice if budget is tight.


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