Best Canvas Briefcases for Men

It’s not always necessary to be carrying an expensive leather briefcase. There are times when a cheaper, and in many cases equally stylish, canvas briefcase can be a better choice. This is especially true for less formal occasions such as when you are on vacation or just hanging around. As with any other briefcase types, a vast selection of models is at your disposal and it can quickly become quite tricky to select the best canvas briefcase for purchase. Therefore, I’ve created this special section dedicated solely to the canvas briefcase reviews.

What Is a Canvas Briefcase?

Canvas briefcase is nothing more than a briefcase made of canvas fabric. These briefcase look stylish, and can perform any function as efficiently as their leather or aluminium counterparts. As it can be expected, canvas is slightly less durable than the other mentioned materials, so these models require a bit more care. On the other hand, waxed canvas briefcases can be waterproof, lightweight and inexpensive. A special type is the canvas laptop briefcase which has a padded compartment designed to be used for laptops.

The canvas bags usually come in various different colors but the most traditional color is natural beige, which is typically associated with the canvas fabric. It’s not however not uncommon to see black canvas briefcases, grey briefcases etc.

When it comes to price, these models are most of the time cheaper than leather models. There are of course exceptions to that general rule and one can easily find very expensive canvas bags, especially if they are made in the USA or by a renown brand.

What brand should you get?

I don’t advocate choosing bags based on the brands. Though there are many well known and reputable brands you can take a look at. These brands include:

  • Gootium
  • Navali
  • Filson
  • Hynes Eagle
  • Katee

Top 5 Best Canvas Briefcases for Men

I’ve compiled a list of bags which I personally consider to be the best canvas briefcases for men currently available on the market. It’s up to you however to buy a canvas briefcase which will suit to all your needs.

S-ZONE Vintage Canvas Leather Briefcase

S-ZONE Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger traveling BriefcaseThe S-ZONE briefcase is an elegantly looking briefcase designed for traveling. At least that’s what the manufacturer says, I would be afraid of taking that bag for any occasion.

The briefcase is made of high density canvas with Crazy horse leather trimming. The inner lining is made of satin silk which gives the bag a touch of class. Inside, you will find two large compartments suitable for up to 14 inch laptops and one zippered pocket. Another pocket can be found on the back side of the bag.

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Filson 70256 Original Briefcase

Filson 70256 Original BriefcaseFilson is a well known company specializing in high quality bags. The 70256 model is a compact and lightweight briefcase which can be bought in 5 color versions. It is made of high quality water resistant fabric and leather. For those who care – the bag is made in the USA.

The interior of the bag is occupied by 2 large open pockets and 2 small pockets for business cards, phones, and other stuff. The exterior features 2 full width exterior open side pockets and 2 small exterior end utility pockets.

We’ve gone through many customer reviews of this bag, and we can say it gets praised mostly for its build quality.

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DesertWolf Cotton Canvas Laptop Bag

DesertWolf Cotton Canvas Laptop BagMade of premium cotton, decorated by rugged Crazy Horse leather, and sporting a fashionable vintage design, this soft canvas briefcase is definitely pleasant to look at. It is comfortable to carry around and will last some time.

The DesertWolf canvas satchel features various pockets with the main interior one being able to accommodate up to 14 inch laptops.

If you are looking for one of the best rated canvas bags, this is most likely it. With its good customer reviews and relatively low price, the DesertWolf briefcase is difficult to beat.

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Gootium 21108 Cotton Canvas Cross Body Bag

Gootium 21108 Cotton Canvas Cross Body BagHere’s another vintage briefcase which not only looks great but also is build well. It is crafted with heavy cotton and premium genuine leather, with the lining being made of durable pearl sail canvas. The bag is light weight and can hold up as much as 13 inch laptops in the main compartment. It is suitable for both men and women.

The inside is divided into two sections, with one of them featuring a zippered pocket. Front pockets can be used to hold smaller thing like cell phones or wallets.

The Gootium 21108 bag belongs to well selling bags on Amazon. It is not the best rated one by far with its average score, but it offers very good price-quality ratio, and definitely should be considered.

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Navali Gunner Waxed Canvas & Leather Briefcase

Navali Gunner Waxed Canvas & Leather Briefcase FrontBeautifully designed canvas satchel made of high quality materials. The manufacturer claims their bag is supposed to be extremely durable. Even if something wrong happens with the bag, they are ready to replace the bag without questions.

The canvas bag features zippered and organiser pockets. If you are used to carry a laptop in your bags, this one will carry as much as 13 inch laptop. At least that’s what manufacturer says; one of the customer claimed he was able to fit a 17 inch laptop in the interior compartment.

The briefcase currently enjoys positive customer reviews.

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Canvas is a material which can make the bags look stylish and it’s also durable and can be even made waterproof. You can read more about canvas for example here – If you decide to buy a canvas briefcase, you will certainly not make a mistake with that decision. Hopefully my list proved to be at least somewhat useful for you and helped you with your decision.

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