My name is Matt Stevens and I welcome you to my small corner of the web. I am an ordinary business man who would like to share his passion for briefcases. During my career, I’ve managed to form a collection of briefcases which I truly love. This website is dedicated to those who are looking to purchase a briefcase either for themselves, for their family member or even for a friend. If you never purchased a briefcase, you are probably feeling a bit lost. Don’t let the sheer volume of briefcase types and models bring you down though. I am here to help.

“A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns.” – Mario Puzo

Amerileather Leather Doctor’s Carriage BagMen’s briefcases are available in a variety of sizes, styles and designs. The best briefcases are expected to do the job they are made for and survive. Before purchasing a briefcase, give some thought to its overall function. Make sure you know what items they are expected to carry and the look the owner of that briefcase wishes to impart.

The best choice is obviously the one that fulfills the requirements of the job they need to do. While it is not mandatory to carry a briefcase, it can help people stay organized, especially when attending out of office meetings or taking work home. Using it helps keep its contents together and protected from the elements.

How should you choose the briefcase?

Your main concern while looking for the perfect briefcase should be:  What are the most important factors that you should account for during the selection process?

Type of briefcase – A range of several types of men’s briefcases is available to choose from. To select the most appropriate type, you should think about the needs of the person you are buying the briefcase for. A lawyer who stays in his office most of the time will typically enjoy a classic attaché briefcase. Someone who is hitting the road frequently will likely enjoy a rolling briefcase.

Material – Briefcases can be made from various materials ranging from leather to aluminum. Again, you have to consider the person’s needs before the purchase. An aluminum briefcase will be able to endure a harsher handling while still protecting the items inside than, say, a canvas briefcase.

Brand – Well-known brands tend to have higher price tags on their products than less known brands, but usually, they also offer a better quality. Brands worthwhile of your time are for example Saddlebag Leather, Kenneth Cole or Samsonite. Of course, there are other brands to choose from, and we will get into details in a dedicated article.

Size – Size and weight is an important factor to consider because, for example, someone who doesn’t travel a lot would not mind a bit heavier bag. On the other hand, if the person is on the road a lot, it’d be wise to choose a smaller and lighter briefcase. Hand in hand with overall size comes the size and number of available compartments. A person who wishes to carry a laptop in the bag, will need a compartment specifically designed for laptops to secure it in its place, and prevent unwanted damage.

Leather Briefcases

Saddleback Leather Classic BriefcaseThe traditional models are made of leather. They have an enduring quality that will sometimes last longer than their owner’s careers. Leather briefcases for men will stand up to day to day use and take the punishment which day to day use brings.

Some of the best looking bags are made by Samsonite, Kenneth Cole, Brooks Brothers, Coach and TUMI to name a few. They each have their own unique design and level of functionality. Each offers quality in the construction of their product and can be as versatile as necessary. Leather briefcases for men maintain a professional image that is perfect for everyday business, as well as business travel.

Aluminum Briefcases

If you belong in the corporate world and you lead a fast-paced lifestyle, you need a briefcase that will keep up with your day-to-day activities. You need one of those aluminum briefcases for men, which are stylish enough to bring to work and sturdy enough to hold all your things.

A briefcase made of aluminum is something that you should think about buying. It not only keeps your things properly organized, but it also protects your important documents.